OCIRIS offers its core premium hosting services: cloud services, dedicated server, ddos protection and ip connectivity to leading companies in the world.


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About Us

OCIRIS is one of the leading companies with the topic DDoS protection in the hosting market. Brands like Corero or A10 have been profiting from OCIRIS know-how for years to continuously enhance their products. We can protect every service in every country persistent against DDoS attacks. Therefore we are using a hybrid solution of different anti-DDoS products, to differentiate the good traffic from UDP flood or amplification attacks and block them in real time. Right now we have a 200Gbps inLine DDoS protection which is unique in Europe. For our cloud services we only use servers from Dell and Supermicro. For years Intel Xeon processors have emerged for their good performance for any kind of gaming instances. Paired with OpenStack virtualizations we can assess resources to your product on demand and automatically without anyone noticing anything in the game itself. We are trying to get a perfect utilization of max. 50% on all our servers in order to guarantee the best gaming feeling.


Cloud Services

Our openStack based cloud computing is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud platform designed for large-scale, performance-intensive applications. We offer out-of-the box hybrid hosting capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly weave virtual and bare-metal servers into your environment.

Bare Metal Server

We offer baremetal Servers provided by Dell and Supermicro. Automatic Backup System, System health monitoring and network control with a high class DDoS protection make your system save to all risks on the internet.

DDOS Protection

With a four-way DDoS protection we offer a current leading Anti-DDoS platform for Layer 3 to 7. No matter if TCP, IP or UDP based attacks.

ZEUS Gamecloud Suite

The world first gameserver as a service GaaS Cloud offers you to setup thousands of servers within a few minutes. With a Ultra Low Latency Network usually used by bank business we can provide low latency game experience to the entire word.

IP & Connectivity

Priority is low latency and an improved network performance for every IP application. Combining a multiple carrier backbones and real-time route optimization we can deploy a unique IP product with reliable, high-speed IP service for stable, consistent connectivity.

Influencer Network

To generate a huge impact of new brands or products we offer different marketing channels, one of them are influencer marketing campaigns. We have multiple partnership to social media stars, perfect solution to scale value traffic.


OCIRIS is always searching for talents in our two main fields: system administration and software development. As a growing company we always focus on the people behind the company. A very good work-life balance is as important as a very good working place. Our team consists of professionals in all areas we do work. No matter if it is software development, ddos, cloud or support, people at OCIRIS are always real experts in what they are doing. Now it is your chance to be part of this great team. Apply now for one of our vacancies.


We offer very flexible working hours and offer a motivating environment. To support the teambuilding we do organize teamevents in a regular interval. People working at OCIRIS always have high-end hardware to make work as efficient and fun as possible.


We are searching for great experts for the following jobs right now.